Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Another Day

We are not going to Baltimore because Mom fell yesterday.  She says she didn't fall but won't say how she got on the floor. She didn't feel well all day. I sat there yesterday until 3PM while she slept and came back at 7pm.  This morning I called her and she said she was dressed, nothing hurts and she just feels sleepy. It gives us three extra days to get ready for the puppy and Christmas.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Getting ready for Christmas

All my shopping is done and the house is nice and clean(that is because we hosted the Lions Christmas party on Sunday). Now all we have to do is set up all the beds and mattresses for 16 overnight guests for Christmas.  They will start arriving on the 19th of December.  Unfortunately we won't be home because we will be in Baltimore on the 19th for daughter Amy's graduation with her master's degree. By the 21st almost everyone will be here. We will also be picking up our new puppy that we will be raising for Leader Dog. We will name her Mindy. She is a black, Labrador-golden retriever cross. The dog we raised last year, Penny is almost finished with her training and in a month will be assigned to a blind person. We are very proud of her. Honestly we didn't think she had a prayer. That day is also my Mom's 96th birthday, but we will celebrate on the 22nd. So it looks like a busy season with a 7 week old puppy.