Monday, October 26, 2015

A Sick Mindy

Early Sunday morning Mindy woke us up whimpering.  Hubby took her out but she didn't settle very well. He fed the two dogs and Suki gobbled her breakfast but Mindy didn't want to eat so Suki ate her breakfast as well.  Mindy drank water and then threw it all up.  a little later she drank water again and threw it up. She laid down in a corner and wouldn't move. About noon we took her to the emergency vet($600). They xrayed her stomach and found nothing which was encouraging because she does eat rocks. She has an ear infection and they gave her fluids.  Mindy came home form the vet went in her crate and wouldn't come out. She wouldn't even lift her head. About 10:30 PM we decided to take her back to the emergency vet.  We put Suki in her crate and backed the car out of the garage.  When Mindy heard the garage door she stood up, I put the leash on her and she came downstairs and Hubby took her outside and she peed. We decided not to go to the vets.  She slept through the night and this morning drank a little water and hubby fixed her a little rice and chicken.  She still wants to lay around and when Suki wanted to play she let her know in no uncertain terms that she didn't want to. We will watch her closely all day.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Walcott Mills

A week ago, we went on a Leader Dog Puppy outing. We went to Walcott Mills Farm. It is part of the Detroit Metro Parks. It is an operating dairy farm, has all sorts of farm animals, and a program to raise the pheasant population. Suki was not afraid of any of the animals no matter how large with the exception of the farm cat. She has learned from Fervor about cats. She even kissed a friendly donkey.