Monday, February 22, 2021

Practicing the Piano

 This year I have begun to practice the piano regularly. I taught piano for twelve years and have a Bachelor of Arts in music but not performance. I haven't played in perhaps twenty-five years. I stopped because I got my engineering degree.  I remember when my Dad was in his seventies and wanted to learn to play the guitar. He practiced diligently but those of us who listened saw little improvement. He stuck with it for over a decade. Now I am practicing. I find it is not my ability to concentrate that determines how long I play but how long before my arthritis in my hands dictates. I am really enjoying the struggle. I find a real thrill in discovering the abundance of information in the score. It is like my mind is eager to learn,  Hubby must feel a lot like we did when my Dad practiced. He keeps suggesting I try easier pieces. Soon the weather will get warmer and he will be able to work in the garden and I will continue to practice.

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