Monday, June 17, 2019

Working in the Garden

In between torrential rains we have been trying to work in the garden. There are plenty of weeds. On sunny days I try and do a basket a day. (Sunny days are rare.)

Hubby has planted some Dahlias. (We are cutting way back on the vegetables.)  He is also planting a new flower called a Crocosmia. My son-in-law, Seth, says they are spectacular.

The Clematis on the front of the house is terrific as usual.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Hubby found out that rhubarb leaves were poisonous so he pulled out the rhubarb. (Afraid the dog would eat it.) Apparently he missed part of the roots because it came back bigger and better than ever.  He took this picture of two stalks. (obviously referring to the size of my hips, the camera must make things look even larger.)  Even though I seldom cook anything I contacted the girls for a copy of my mom's recipe for pie crust and rhubarb custard pie and made the attempt. The pie was fantastic, flaky crust and just the right amount of sugar.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Last Lions Meeting for the Year

Wednesday was the last Lions Club meeting for the year.  We have an outdoor picnic even though we got a little rain.  The meeting is also the installation of new officers and a new member.  The upcoming year Hubby will again be secretary and I will be Tail Twister. The Tail Twister fines people in the club for silly things, no more than a dollar. We will still have a board meeting where we will allocate the funds we have earned for different charities.  Even though our club only has 27 members we will give away over $20,000 to different charities that serve the blind. Even though we don't have summer meetings we will sponsor a golf outing in August and charity poker in June and August.