Friday, November 26, 2010

Nothing is Simple

We have a home care person coming to see Mom in the morning to give her pills and be there when she takes her shower. Since the minimum time for the aid is one hour she also fixes Mom's breakfast, washes the dishes and makes her bed and does whatever else would be helpful during that hour. On Thanksgiving day Mom had a new girl. She told Mom it was her first day and she didn't know what to do. Mom said she could make her breakfast. Mom said she would like some yogurt. The girl asked how to make that. Mom told her to put it in a dish. Mom also said she would like some coffee, instant, but the girl didn't know how to make that. Mom said that she should give Mom her pills. Mom had to explain where they were. Shortly after the girl left the supervisor came and asked Mom how she did. Mom said "Oh, fine." Mom said she was so young and newly engaged and she felt sorry for her.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Threatening E-Mail

I like to borrow books from the Southfield Library. The latest one I borrowed was Betrayed by Tannenbaum. It really was a good book. Unfortunately since I took it out my Mom had her heart attack and surgery and I have been doing an awful lot of running. When I get home I usually have a glass (or two) of wine and go to bed. The book became overdue but I didn't want to return it because it was good and I wanted to finish it. I tried to renew it but by then the fine was too large ($4). This is the note I received from the library when the book was 20 days over due.

These items must be returned in good condition to avoid a
bill for replacement. Accounts with fines or fees may be
sent to a Collection Agency. Call 248-796-4200 with
questions. THANK YOU

Do you really think they would send a $4 fee to a collection agency?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Back in the Hospital

Mom is back in the hospital. Apparently she has fluid in her pleural cavity. It is a complication of the surgery but treatable. She is in really good spirits and telling us stories about when she was in the Knights of St John drill team and about going to Acapulco's with Dad. She said they had Margaritas and they were so good she sent Dad to get her another and while he was gone the cliff divers jumped and he missed it. He wasn't very happy about that.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Water Aerobics

Now that Mom is recovering so well I have gone back to my water aerobics class. I am actually beginning to like the water. Today Shelly, the lifeguard, was our instructor. She really gives a good workout. One of the things we had to do was stand on our noodle. (I don't mean our head, that might have been easier) I tried to get on the noodle during all the exercises of that group.(quite unsuccessfully) I am even getting used to smelling of chlorine.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm Tired

Today Mom was supposed to be discharged. 45 minutes before the ambulance arrived to take her back to Henry Ford Village her heart rate jumped to 130. She was dozing in her chair and I was watching the monitor wondering if I should say something to the nurses. But the nurses were watching it too and called the doctor. It was very discouraging for Mom as the ambulance people stood there waiting for the doctor to call back and when he did he said she couldn't be discharged and maybe tomorrow. She has been in good spirits but tonight she wrapped herself in the prayer shawl the the janitor at Mary's school had sent her and said she was going to sit there and feel sorry for herself.