Friday, November 26, 2010

Nothing is Simple

We have a home care person coming to see Mom in the morning to give her pills and be there when she takes her shower. Since the minimum time for the aid is one hour she also fixes Mom's breakfast, washes the dishes and makes her bed and does whatever else would be helpful during that hour. On Thanksgiving day Mom had a new girl. She told Mom it was her first day and she didn't know what to do. Mom said she could make her breakfast. Mom said she would like some yogurt. The girl asked how to make that. Mom told her to put it in a dish. Mom also said she would like some coffee, instant, but the girl didn't know how to make that. Mom said that she should give Mom her pills. Mom had to explain where they were. Shortly after the girl left the supervisor came and asked Mom how she did. Mom said "Oh, fine." Mom said she was so young and newly engaged and she felt sorry for her.

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Liz said...

Yikes...sounds like Mom should be the girl's home care worker!