Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Threatening E-Mail

I like to borrow books from the Southfield Library. The latest one I borrowed was Betrayed by Tannenbaum. It really was a good book. Unfortunately since I took it out my Mom had her heart attack and surgery and I have been doing an awful lot of running. When I get home I usually have a glass (or two) of wine and go to bed. The book became overdue but I didn't want to return it because it was good and I wanted to finish it. I tried to renew it but by then the fine was too large ($4). This is the note I received from the library when the book was 20 days over due.

These items must be returned in good condition to avoid a
bill for replacement. Accounts with fines or fees may be
sent to a Collection Agency. Call 248-796-4200 with
questions. THANK YOU

Do you really think they would send a $4 fee to a collection agency?


Pam J. said...

It seems so unlikely but being "sent to a collection agency" could mean that the library inventory software automatically moves all 20-day old fines into a "delinquent" category. And then maybe a threatening email and/or letter is generated automatically. And then a robo-call. Ah, how far we've come in removing the human element from so many places. Another downside to progress.

Liz said...

Oh my...don't let your SIL the Librarian see this! Quite possibly, with all things being electronic today, this may go to an agency. Who cares about the fee? Think of the impact on your credit score.