Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Now that I am getting older shaving my legs has become a real problem. I used to do it in the shower but at the age of 66 standing on one leg in the shower is not such a good idea and besides I can't see the hair without my glasses on. I am tired of missing spots. Nair really smells bad and still misses spots. A few years ago, before a cruise I had a full leg wax done so I could comfortable wear a bathing suit. The girl at the salon made such a deal about my not having enough leg hair to make it worth while. I don't have much but it still gets long. So yesterday I bought a ladies electric shaver. It was wonderful. It only took minutes and I could do it while sitting down with my glasses on. As you get older you take such joy in small accomplishments.

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Liz said...

You aren't alone. Recently, as I was standing on one leg in the shower, I was also wondering how much longer I could do it. I remember my mother always saying "it hurts to be beautiful", but I don't think she was talking about a broken hip!