Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's Just a Little Paint

The other night I was helping a fellow Lion fill goody bags for the Golf outing. As we filled the bags with golf balls, tees, pretzels, candy and granola bars etc., we were sipping some white wine. It is a good thing I only live a short distance away. When I drove into the garage I hit the side of my mirror on the side of the garage, then being rattled I didn't stop quite at the "tennis ball marker" in the garage and sort of ran into the recycling bin kept in front of the car. Now the truth is I have hit the side view mirror on the side of the garage without having anything to drink.

At the outing I talked to a few people about this misadventure and heard several other stories. One fellow pulled too far into the garage and hit the wall but didn't do any damage, until, he backed out and forgot he had opened the car door to check for damage. Another fellow said that when he was going to clean the garage, he backed one car out onto the street, and then backed the other car out and forgot he had parked the other one out on the street. That's a rough insurance claim when one of your cars plows into another of your cars.

So I figure it was just a little paint.


Mary said...

That's what I did to the Escape! Except I didn't do that much damage!

Liz said...

Still remember the time the hubs came back from a trip to Japan. In the morning, I forgot he had come home, and backed my car out of the garage straight into his car. Hey, it happens!