Thursday, August 25, 2011

Arnold and the Chipmunks

When I started to write this entry, the title came up as soon as I wrote "Arnold." I looked it up and sure enough a year ago I had an entry entitled "Arnold and the Chipmunks." Worse yet, it said just about everything I would have said about Arnold catching a chipmunk. It didn't say, however, that I think chipmunks are as cute as they can be, except-- they eat my flowers and sometimes dig them out of the pots for no apparent reason at all. Hubby tried catching chipmunks in a live trap and then submersing the whole trap. He got rid of 14 chipmunks that way in that one summer. Then, at a Master Gardener meeting, someone suggested that you leave a pail of water out with sunflower seeds floating on the top and the chipmunks will do themselves in. He tried that but came out in time to see the chipmunk swimming desperately and couldn't watch so he let him out. The chipmunk was apparently brain damaged and walked leaning heavily to one side. We decided Arnold was our best choice. Arnold got his exercise and enjoyment and the chipmunks had more than a fighting chance, besides it seems natures way.

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