Saturday, March 24, 2012


Yesterday, I was sewing in my craft room when I heard a loud bang. It sounded like a gunshot or a car backfire. I looked out the window and saw two cars in the street stopped as if the drivers were talking to each other. Later I heard more popping sounds which I assumed were firecrackers. Then I noticed there were lots of cars on our street stopping and I heard the fire engine. I went outside and saw a wall of flame in the garage about 4 houses away. The fire truck got here awfully fast. A neighbor, one of the cars I saw in the street, said she was driving by, heard the noise, saw the flames, and a young boy running out of the garage and trying to drag the garden hose. She told him to forget the hose and get his sisters out of the house. I don't know what the boy had been doing in the garage, it does seem a little suspicious. The parents were not home. The garage was destroyed as well as that part of the house above the garage. It seems it only takes a moment to change our loves. Thank God none of the children were hurt.

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