Thursday, August 2, 2012

The First Week with a New Puppy

We picked up Penny, an 8 lb 6 oz golden retriever puppy, from the Leader Dog Headquarters on Monday. It certainly is keeping us busy.  I forgot how active a puppy can be. She is into just about everything. We have gates to keep her in the kitchen.  At this rate Hubby and I will be able to do those "leg up" commercials for LaQuinta Hotels. Hubby has taken over the mid night "park" duties.  (Leader Dogs are taught to "park" (go potty) on command.)  We put her neckerchief on her but she was interested in chewing it off. (She chews everything.)  She sleeps in a crate in our bedroom. When we first put her in it, she wimpered but stopped when we talked to her.  Arnold who sleeps between us was apparently upset when she wimpered and so he barfed all over the headboard of the bed.  Penny gives Arnold a rough time, but he still stays nearby and only hisses at her when she chews on his tail or ears.

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