Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Obedience Class

Tonight we took Penny to her second obedience class.  The Puppy counselor had to take us out of the room for more training again. The whole class experience was unnerving.  Penny bit me and I was dripping blood and some one ran for disinfectant for the floor. (it was not a vicious bite just puppy teeth.) The counselor remarked that Penny was a very lively headstrong dog.  She knew the commands but hadn't decided to follow them considering the circumstances.(The run was full of dogs.) Next week the class will go to the airport but Penny is not trained well enough to go.  On election day we cannot use the school because it is a poling place, so we are all going to Home Depot where we will be given a shopping list and have to find things and keep the dogs from destroying the store.

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