Thursday, January 8, 2015


For several years Hubby and I would eagerly read about Estorbo, a cat from Brooklyn, New York.
Estorbo was black and really did not have the best disposition, but his owner had a real gift for writing and photography.  She wrote about Estorbo as if he were speaking in a Spanish dialect and supplemented his stories with fantastic photos. Estorbo died last fall and left us with a real feeling of sadness.  I remember when Kitalog's poodle died. I felt like I had known him and felt a real emptiness and his passing.

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Pam J. said...

I too got attached to Estorbo and to Kitt's poodle. Estorbo's blog was so funny, and I always marveled at the how well Marie, his voice, conveyed Estorbo's personality. "Smoothman" and all that cat lingo was so believable I would forget that a human was writing. I've wondered if she could do it all again if she gets a new cat. But more likely it was just one of those moments in time that can't be repeated.