Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Busy Time

Last week my daughter, Mary, and her daughter, Sofie, came to visit. They brought along with them a terrible cold.  So hubby and I have been barely functioning.  This has been a rough year for me, healthwise but thankfully nothing serious just nuisance illnesses. I miss all the people I used to blog with.

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Pam J. said...

You wrote: "I miss all the people I used to blog with." So do I! But since I rarely blog and I rarely comment on other people's blog posts -- even though I have comments in my head -- it's my fault. So I think (fingers crossed) that I will start blogging again, even if my posts are dull or silly. I mean really -- it's a blog. A semi-private alternative to saying to my husband "hey, did you know that.....?"

Glad you are having family visits but sorry it leaves you "barely functioning." And hat's off to you for showing that oh-so-interesting picture of your basal cell cancer scar. It looks so neat and tidy! Good surgeon. Good skin. Bet it's already fading.