Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Real Scare

Last Thursday night I took Mindy out for the last time in the evening and I didn't realize Arnold, our cat, had got out. Arnold is strictly a house cat and has never been allowed outside.  He is 15 years old and quite frail, 8 pounds, a squirrel could take him down. We didn't miss him until the next day. He didn't return Friday night. We were sure he was gone. On Saturday when Hubby got up at 6 AM he put it on facebook (our neighborhood association has a site). We got two immediate replies of sympathy with promises to watch fro him and then around 7AM there was a reply the someone had seen him the previous day in a backyard on the next street. I put my shoes on to walk around there
and we got a call before I could get out of the house.  "I have your cat!"  Happiness is getting your kitty back when you were really afraid you would not.

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