Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Shingles or Contact Dermatitis

I could show a picture but it would be unsettling. Sunday morning I woke to find my right side of my face red and swollen around my eye. It was painful.  When I woke on Monday it was worse.  The internist said it was not typical shingles but its location and the fact that only one side of my face was affected led him to consider shingles. I then went to the eye doctor who felt the same way and gave me an antibiotic to put on my eyelids to prevent a secondary infection. I was given the medication Valtrex which fights the shingle virus but wont hurt me if they are wrong.  This morning the rash has spread to the other side of my face, although not as bad as the right, and down both sides of my neck.   I also have a small rash on my forearms.  Last week I did use an Avon night cream that I have used several times before, but not in a long time. I threw the rest of it out.  Hubby is sure I brushed against something at the farm where I was wearing a short sleeve shirt and jeans.

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Mary said...

poison ivy. I think you just have to think about poison ivy to have a reaction. Maybe you dreamed about poison ivy?