Wednesday, October 14, 2020


 My Mom was a great one for making lists. Every morning with her coffee she would make a list of activities for the day.  Sometimes, especially near Christmas, it was written in shorthand. Even as she closed in on one hundred years she still listed her bills and when they were due in a notebook. I take after her. When the kids and I were younger I also made lists. I had the days of the week appointed or specific tasks, laundry, scrubbing floors, shopping and even visiting Mom.  Now it is harder to make the lists.  Hubby does all the cooking and shopping. Scrubbing the kitchen floor is more a semi-annual event and laundry is three loads a week, light, dark, and towels.  I still try but I often can't think of what to list.  I love Excel. When I was working and quilting I made an elaborate spread sheet for how long it would take me to finish a quilt. I would figure the deadline for finishing it, how much I could do in a day and when, at the present rate of progress, I would likely finish. I still use that spread sheet for my brother's fiftieth wedding anniversary quilt but most of the quilts I finish rather quickly as that is all I do these days. I do have a spread sheet listing what quilts are in process.  When I was younger I would only work on one at a time now I have twelve in process. I also make a honey do  list for Hubby but it doesn't change much.  He says that if he says he will do something there is no need to remind him every six months.