Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Losing Things

Why is it we never lose those earrings that we don't know why we ever bought in the first place, the ones we never wear. But if you have a favorite pair of earrings, their life span drops by a factor of ten. I have a little drawer of single earrings that I keep hoping I will find the match for. I am always certain I vacuumed these earrings up, or the cat dragged it away and it fell down the heating duct. Today I can't find my little leaf earring it is the color of peridot and I wear them all the time, my daughter-n-law made them for me several years ago. At least I got several years out of them.


Gretel said...

The ones you never wear stay safe and sound in your jewelry box! I lose earrings constantly.

Liz said...

Maybe I should bring over all the ones I have lost a mate to, and see if any of them match your singles!

Billy said...

When you figure that out, maybe you can explain to me why the sunglasses I like last a week, but the sunglasses I think are stupid last forever.

And Gretel might be right about the earrings you never wear, but the sunglasses I wear everyday.

I actually had a favorite pair of sunglasses that flipped out of my hand and out the car window while I was rolling backwards. The sunglasses managed to bounce backwards directly in the path of the tire and get run over in the second it took me to stop.