Sunday, August 9, 2009

10 Things in Each Room

It is so HOT today that I decided to do the "10 Things in Each Room" form of housekeeping. I learned this from my Mom when I was little. It is related to the "Pull 100 Weeds a Day" rule of gardening. Anyway I pick up 10 things in each room and that is my housekeeping for today. Then I will go back to working on Austin's quilt. Hubby took a picture of my craft room to show the scope of my fabric dilemma.

Hubby has a Swamp Milkweed growing in his rain garden. It is a favorite for Monarch butterflies. Last year the eggs disappeared and no caterpillars formed so this year, when he finds an egg he brings it inside. He keeps the caterpillars with fresh leaves in a plastic shoe box. They seem to be doing well. He hopes to release the butterflies when the emerge.

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