Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Honey, I Broke the Garage Door Opener

Yesterday, Hubby and I were cleaning the garage. We really did a great job. At one point though, the garage door suddenly closed without anyone touching the controls. We opened the door again and were confused as to why that would happen. It happened again. While we took a lunch break the door closed once more and would not open again. Since we have a Genie garage door opener, Hubby called the service man who spent an half hour on the phone diagnosing the problem. He said it was the wire between the control and the opener. Hubby recalled that I had asked about some wires hanging in the garage. He asked if I touched them. I said "No, but I swept the cobwebs off of that area. Maybe I brushed them." Apparently I caused them to touch and shorted out the garage door opener. Now I had no idea they were live wires. His comment was "You let those wires touch and you are an Electrical Engineer." Obviously he isn't or he would have taped the ends when he disconnected them. Husbands can be real pain in the butts.

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Mary said...

Are you sure it wasn't because you were locked out of the house and were trying to hotwire the garage door?