Saturday, September 26, 2009

Helpful Arnold

Arnold follows me like a puppy everywhere I go. That is kind of nice except when I am trying to sew or quilt. I have a basket on the floor with a towel in it that he likes to sleep in and I have cleared a table by the window. He likes to lay there too. But sometimes he wants to get even closer and he will lie on top of what ever I am working on. He is a hefty cat and I really don't want him on the quilting frame. My quilting frame is a Grace self basting frame which means the top is on one roll, the bottom on another and the batting on a third. It all rolls together as you quilt. The other night, as usual, Arnold jumped onto the quilt on his way to the counter top. In the process he dumped all my little quilting pins. I didn't think much about it ( or of it for that matter) but several days later as I was quilting I began to find safety pins inside the quilt. I found the pins he spilt landed on the batting roll. I had to unroll the quilt far enough to get my hands in it and pull all the safety pins out.

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