Monday, September 14, 2009


Whenever I start a quilt I really obsess on finishing it. It starts with the piecing but accelerates once the quilt is on the frame. I make an Excel spreadsheet and divide the quilt into parts for both assembling and quilting. I assign each part a number of points and then decide how many parts I can reasonably do in a day. I then calculate a finish date for the assembling and the quilting. Each time I finish one of these parts I list it as complete in my spreadsheet and the sheet calculates whether I am ahead or behind schedule and, at this rate, when will I finish. Because I become obsessive about quilting I always finish ahead of schedule. I must admit that this time I was quilting away and wondered if maybe I shouldn't take a break after this quilt.

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Liz said...

Maybe I should get a copy of your spreadsheet for some of the projects I have waiting for me!