Monday, December 14, 2009

Arnold Update

Since we were gone on our cruise for three weeks, Arnold has been very glad to see us. He has even become a lap cat. Of course a lot of his interest in being on my lap has to do with chasing the thread as I try to embroider "Fish City." He really makes it a challenge between trying to protect him from the needle and tring to protect my fingers from his claws.

Arnold has been fascinated with looking outside the windows and he is sure that Venetian blinds are part of a plot to keep him from seeing out. At night we raise the blinds in the bedroom because he plays with them at night and we can't sleep for the noise and for trying to keep him from damaging the blinds. The neighbors, I am sure, feel we are exhibitionists with the bedroom blinds up all the time. We keep the master bathroom door closed because he likes to jump up on the vanity and swipe at the blinds to see outside. The other night we were careless and Arnold managed to see through those pesky blinds.

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