Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We got in last night from Portland. Mostly, we are taking it easy today. I am washing clothes. Have to get the baby spit-up out.(Really I am just bragging. There was only one blouse with baby spit-up) The cats are so glad to see us and follow us around all day. I have been also starching the snowflakes I made on the cruise. Some of them are surprisingly beautiful, others are just surprising. Hubby took almost 400 pictures, digital cameras are wonderful.
This is the group of eight which we traveled with along with the Cruise event planner and his wife the cruise party planner.

These are the Akaka Falls on the island of Hawaii.

The Arizona Memorial inPearl Harbor.The Grand Canyon of the Pacific on the Island of Kawai.A Pool Party aboard the ship.Walking through a lava tube on the Island of Hawaii.

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SarahB said...

So enjoyed visiting with you both in Vancouver! Glad you got to see my sons again too! Too bad you didn't remember me as a child!! (Yes I have a fake name on here)