Sunday, July 11, 2010

R.K. Learns to Sew

We went to Maryland this week and picked up my grandson, R.K. , to spend the week. He is ten years old. He was so good in the car for the long trip even though he didn't have anything along to do. Today, after church and breakfast, (He was good in church too) we made a sweatsuit for Kameren's doll. He was very able with the sewing machine and here is our finished project. Grandpa is also making a blog lately called Its My Story and I'm Stuck With it. We don't agree on the spelling of "it's".


Gretel said...

You're right. He's wrong. It should be "It's" The freshmen have trouble with that one every year.

Liz said...

Just remember, it's an apostrophe of omission, not posession. So "it's" is short for "it is". (Yeah, I was a teacher once myself!)