Sunday, October 31, 2010


Halloween is filled with traditions and funny stories and just plain fun. One of our traditions is, every Halloween we have tuna noodle caserole for dinner. That started as an easy meal when you had 6 kids to get into costume. Hubby tells me about a Halloween when the neighborhood kids TP'd his tree. He was so proud that his daughter, Amy, was so popular to get that kind of attention. His neighbor watched him try to get the paper out of the tree and kept saying "God damn kids." Costumes have always been fun. When my Down Syndrome brother came down with leukemia he wanted a Halloween party and so we obliged. That first year he went as Ruth Bussey from laugh in and kept hitting everyone with his purse. One year my 6 ft 2 in brother came as a pink elephant. This year we just got the picture of my son-in-law and there is no trouble telling who he is supposed to be.

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