Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Really Busy Day

I started the day with my water aerobics class. While I was at class the landscaper came and talked to Hubby about the final plans for the back yard. Then my three great niece and nephews came for us to babysit. They are unbelievably cute. The oldest is three and the baby, 9 months old, crawls and is trying very hard to stand and walk. Then I had to do the calendar for the Master gardener website and move the plants that will be impacted by the landscaper. We had Spanish class tonight and had to pack for our trip tomorrow. Oh! and I decided to rip out the two rows I have done on Martha's quilt. I bought a low loft batting and I don't like it. I decided it was better to rip out the two rows I have done rather than continue with 13 more rows.

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Liz said... shouold go back to work full time, so you can rest up!