Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Quilts for 2011

I keep this chart on Excel of all the people I want to make quilts for. I average 3 quilts a year. This year I will make a quilt for my son Bill and his wife. I will work on, but I have no hope of completing a quilt for my brother's anniversary. I have a charity quilt I must complete by June. I have two quilts I have started but have no immediate plan for completing, a Jacob's ladder twin sized quilt and Martha's queen size quilt but as she is still in our house and doesn't have a queen size bed, I am in no hurry. Last year I finished a flannel quilt for her in a jigsaw puzzle pattern.

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Pam J. said...

Wow, I love that quilt! And it's flannel? Perfect for this weather. Another idea to add to the never-ending quilt-idea-list. (Mine's in my head, not in Excel.)