Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year Plans

I won't call them resolutions because then they seem sort of arbitrary. I signed up at the YMCA for water aerobics 4 days a week. I am surprised at how much I like the water even though I can't swim. I bought the fabric for Rejina and Bill's quilt and have been working on my brother's anniversary quilt. He and Marilyn won't have their anniversary for two more years but the quilt will be my own design and a lot of applique so I need plenty of time. If it doesn't turn out I should have enough time to do something more conventional. I even hand dyed some of the fabric! This will be the last year for Fish City, I hope, it has been a 5 year project. Hubby and I volunteered at the Ford Museum on New Years Day. I worked at the Lego Train and he took pictures of people at a sleigh set up. Hubby and I also work for the Master Gardener Society. I do their web page calendar and he does the newsletter. Today he was out at Tollgate farm splitting firewood for the maple syrup evaporator. Tomorrow is the Lions Christmas party. We both enjoy the Lions a lot. He is secretary for our club and I am tail twister. I think we will be busy this year.

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