Friday, March 18, 2011

Bill and Rejina's Quilt

I finished the top of my son Bill's quilt. Rejina chose the colors and the design. It is a mariner's compass pattern. I had one heck of a time mitering the corners of the border. I won't start quilting on it until we come back from our vacation in San Antonio next month. I have to set up the quilt frame in the family room because it is the only place big enough. Then I will concentrate on finishing it as soon as I can. As Hubby says, "It cuts our TV viewing in half, because we can only see the top of the TV screen."


Mary said...


Pam J. said...

Ahhhh! Beautiful. There's nothing like finishing a quilt, is there? I've probably asked this before, but do you work on one quilt at a time? I have the horrible habit of starting new quilts, so I have 23 or so in some stage or another. I did some simple calculating and realized (duh) that I have to finish a couple, or three, a year if I have any chance at all of finishing them before I, you know, before I'm no longer an "I."

Peggy said...

I have three quilts that I am working on now. I don't usually have more than two going at one time. I do about three quilts a year. I have one that I am going to freehand machine quilt, which I have never done before.