Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Big Job

I just got back from Brooklyn. My daughter, Gretel, is moving to a much nicer apartment and since she is 6 months pregnant I went to help her pack. Both she and her husband work long hours so they really have very little time, so I really felt useful. Living in New York City is quite a different experience. Every morning around 10 I went down the 4 flights of stairs and to the corner Dunkin Donut for a cup of coffee. (then back up those 4 flights of stairs.) At lunch time I went down the 4 flights of stairs and two blocks away to get a Diet coke and then back up the 4 flights of stairs. By the last day I remembered to take a bag of trash down the stairs with me. (The stairs made a big impression on me.) Friday night I met Gretel at her work place (on 5th Avenue) and we walked around the little street fair booths and had dinner and then looked at Macy and other windows. The Rockefeller tree still had scaffolding around it. The subways really is easy to use but when we came home, The Tummy drove. It took us 2 hours on the train to get to the car rental for the 600mile trip home.

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