Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Shopping

Monday we went to the Outlet Mall at Birch Run. Hubby, who hates to shop did very well and only asked "Are we done yet?" a few times. We aren't done yet but put a substantial notch in the job. We buy for 4 daughters 3 sons, 2 daughter-in-laws, 3 son -in-laws. 7 grandchildren, Mom and 1 brother and his wife. I have 10 of them finished. I bought Christmas cards too but I haven't started to send them out. I started my pillowcases last night. (I give everyone their Christmas gifts in a pillow case.) I still have to do "Spike's Christmas stocking.

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Tammy said...

It's great to get your Christmas shopping so early then you can enjoy the rest of the Christmas season without stressing and rushing.
I've decided to do online shopping so that I'm not so stressed. We've opted for practical gifts this year. I went to Tracfone's web, bought a few simple phones which were delivered to me free of charge and and I decorated them with crystals, glitter, stickers with motor cars and robots on, etc while the kids were sleeping at night.
The one for my mom was a phone for seniors Tracfone SVC and I had a metal disc engraved with the words 'remember we love you' on. I just want to show readers that you can personalize items which makes them extra special, you can get the alphabet stickers at a stationery store to spell your loved ones name on an item. Your personal effort in making a gift unique makes a big impression on the recipient.