Sunday, February 12, 2012

Winter Feeding

Mary , my daughter knows what a soft touch we are for feeding the animals in the winter time. So she gave us this interesting squirrel feeder. We have the fattest fox squirrels you have ever seen and they like to feed on the sunflower seeds that fall under the bird feeder. We also have little red squirrels. They can jump onto the bird feeder but it is one of those that closes up if there is too much weight on the perch. The red squirrels learned to hang from the holes in the side of the feeder until Hubby put tape over them. Lastly we have black squirrels. They are the most nimble. One would make a flying leap from the tree to the stand for the peanut feeder. Hubby would open the window and shoot at him with an air gun. The squirrel learned to jump off the feeder as soon as he heard the window open. Now Hubby attached a black garbage bag to the tree over the squirrels jumping off point and that has stopped. Now they have their own feeder.

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