Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

On Easter Sunday Hubby and I worked as volunteers at the Henry Ford. Hubby was helping out at the Titanic Exhibition. They had such crowds on Friday and Saturday that they had to call in extra volunteers to help out. His job was to remind people to drop off their audio equipment and to keep people from sneaking in the exit. We had seen the exhibit at a preview for volunteers last week. It was spectacular. We had our picture taken on the grand staircase. I worked at a Lionel Train exhibit. I learned all about cleaning the track and the train wheels with alcohol. They have to switch the engines at noon because they overheat when running constantly all day long. As volunteers we have to wear uniforms but I cheated on the socks.


Liz said...

You rebel you!

Mary said...

hahahaha! The socks look great!