Monday, May 21, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

I haven't been blogging because nothing has been happening, it's that too much has been happening. We have been volunteering at Greenfield Village twice a week. (This week we packaged and handed out seedlings.  We had the benefit dinner for Beaumont Hospital's Silent Children( they work with children with speech problems, mostly autism) We went to the Master Gardner award dinner. (Hubby got an award for 250 hours of volunteer experience. ( He puts out their newsletter and does some work on their maple syrup project.) Mary came up with Sofie and Hubby babysat while we went to the opera. This was his post on Facebook (Yay! I'm babysitting little Sofie tonight. Bedtime. Need to change diaper. Haven't done that in 35 years. Oh, good... just wet. HEY, close the floodgates! Her mom told me she would do that. Everything is wet. Can't reach paper towels. Maybe if I use about 5 of these baby wipes. Visions of Larry , Moe, and Curly flash before me. All thumbs. No replacement onesie. New PJ's will have to do. All's well that ends well.)

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