Saturday, May 5, 2012

Machine Quilting

I have wanted to learn how to quilt using my sewing machine. I have a quilt that I put together about 30 many years ago. It is really a disaster quilt.  It is part polyester and part cotton and the squares don't line up( it was one of my first quilts) (not that new ones are all that much better). Anyway I pieced the back with some left over fabrics and decided it would make an excellent quilt for practice machine quilting.
My first run through was so bad that I ripped out all the quilting and decided to "practice" again. Now the quilt also has blood spots from ripping out the quilting with my fragile old lady skin fingers. The second time the back laid flat.  My Bernina behaved wonderfully but even though there are markings on my walking foot for a quarter inch I often got distracted trying to maneuver the roll of quilt material while keeping the sewing area flat and feeding the needle evenly. After doing one direction of the quilting I was ready for a drink. (Some of my seams look like I already had several.)  Over all I feel better about the process although for a really good quilt I will probably stick to hand quilting for now.

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