Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bad Puppy Trainer

Today we took Penny into Costco, which we have done several times before, only this time she did a big dump in the center aisle by the wine. I had all my cleaning supplies with me and even used a Clorox wipe on the floor. The manager was there and called out the big cleaning machine, Hubby called it a Zamboni. On top of that we were so shook up we forgot the wine. The night before, at obedience class, our puppy counselor talked to us about Penny's behavior at the vet.  We knew she had been terrible, but didn't know the vet wrote a long email to our puppy counselor saying the dog was out of control. I came home and went off of my weight watchers diet and had 2 glasses of wine.

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SarahB said...

Ok I'm sorry I just laughed. But not at you, just been there done that. Hey you had a few kids, certainly at some point a teacher or someone sent a note home! My last two visits to the vet my dog wouldn't move past the front door. Last time my wonderful neighbor (a dog guy with a German Shepard) was there and saw a "commotion" and his wife said it looked like Darth but he said "oh no that can't be Darth behaving like that"! I think you are doing good and these puppies are hard work! But we love them and I try to remember how quickly they age so enjoy the crazy period!