Sunday, January 6, 2013

Penny Update

Penny, our puppy we are raising for Leader Dogs for the Blind,is getting much bigger.  She is a 45 pound golden  retriever. She is a real challenge.  I think she is settling down a little more.  She walks on a loose leash beautifully unless she is distracted.  She goes down and sits nicely, unless distracted.
Housebreaking was a breeze. We have had some trouble with her being "mouthy."  When she gets excited or distracted, she tends to bite our hands, never breaking the skin.  She also eats anything she can get her mouth on, furniture, plants, especially pieces of cloth, Kleenex, or napkins. She also barks when she gets excited or distracted.  Did you notice the frequency of the word distracted? We take her to obedience class every Tuesday where we are often the focus, as the other dogs in class distract her. We have her until September 1st of this year, by then it will be terrible to have to give her up.

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SarahB said...

Well my darth will be 3 in march. That's allegedly the "maturity" moment! We had to repeat beginners obedience and the other day pondered taking "beginner obedience 3.0". You are so right about their eating things! Mine especially loves a bounce sheet that becomes a zillion pieces! Although I'm still faster then he is. Last week on our walk we both saw the half sandwich thrown on the sidewalk at the same time. He got it, but I got my glove off and yanked hs mouth open and pulled it out before he swallowed! They keep you young and quick! Can you make a BIG donation and keep her?