Saturday, November 29, 2014


We have two cats, Arnold and Fervor. Arnold is a black cat who is definitely showing his age. Fervor is an orange and white cat who doesn't seem to age. Arnold is friendly and Fervor is afraid of his shadow. At night Arnold wedges himself right between Hubby and I, Fervor likes to sleep either on Hubby's chest or on either one of our thighs. It makes rolling over tricky.  Yesterday I put up the Christmas tree. Under it I have a skirt that I embroidered.  It took me ages.  Arnold ate some of the palm plant and decided that the skirt was a good place to barf. Boy did I move fast.

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Pam J. said...

They are both quite fetching. Fervor -- great name! I have a strong, strong preference for male black cats, especially those with a touch of white (Tuxedo cats). Clarence is my 2-year-old black/white male and he also sleeps between me and my husband. He puts his dear little head on a pillow and he's covered up with quilts, just like us. We must look ridiculous.