Friday, November 21, 2014

Raking Leaves Indoors

Now that winter is here all the indoor plants have been sprayed and brought in the house. When we took the Master Gardener class we were warned that if having a plant that drops its leaves bothers you, don't get a ficus. I have a ficus. The other plant that drops leaves in great profusion is a Boston Fern.  I remember my grandmother had a wicker basket planter in her living room filled with Boston Fern. It brings back fond memories.  All summer I keep it out on the front porch but now it is in the house. It is a terribly messy plant.  The ficus will eventually adjust to the change in temperature but the fern doesn't really.  I keep rotating it and watering it and misting it but nothing really helps. Oh well it reminds me of Grandma.

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