Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Last Night on TV

Last night there was a program on TV about tuberculosis.  It was really amazing.  Even after scientists had figured out it was the result of a bacterial infection and they knew how it was transmitted, it was still impossible to cure.  They cut the rate of infection some by new standards of sanitation and education.  The sanitariums helped some people to live longer with the infection by building their immune systems by rest, fresh air and good food. It was really sad though the way people were taken from their families as soon as they were suspect. It wasn't until the discovery of streptomycin that they could cure it.  Penicillin didn't phase it. They even found that patients needed several different antibiotics to completely cure it because the bacteria became resistant so quickly.  I know that I had a great aunt who was a nun who worked in a hospital and she died of TB.

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