Friday, March 6, 2015


Probably because I am in fearsome pain after this wart surgery but I am thinking more about warts.  My friend Carole said, her grandmother cured warts with spittle and it worked in one instance anyway.  My uncle had a wart on his hand and my grandmother told him to cut a navy bean in half rub it on the wart and then throw the bean in a flowing stream. He did as she directed and flushed the bean down the toilet.  It worked.

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Pam J. said...

The foot is no place to have pain, which I know from (a) having multiple plantar worts in the ball of my foot as a teenager (oddly, they never came back), and (b) having recently recovered from what I assume must have been plantar fasciitis on the heel of a foot. I self-diagnosed the latter because that's all I hear from people my age: "my doctor said it was plantar fasciitis" over and over again. I went the no-doctor route, as usual with me, and it went away. I "cured" it by wearing only Sketcher's shoes and no longer walking around barefoot. And waiting.