Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cats and Quilts

I love making quilts and have made almost seventy of them.  I like cats too. Over the years that hubby and I have been married we have had eight cats, not at the same time.  We had three at the most and now we are down to one. The cats seem to be fascinated with quilting.
This is Savannah as I was quilting Amy and Seth's quilt.

Sprocket liked being under Gretel's quilt.

Cleo helped me design my brother's quilt.

Virginia and Cleo liked napping on my bed.

 Fervor is our last remaining cat.In the top picture he is helping me bind my quilt, next he is laying on a quilt made of entirely cat fabrics. He is testing Amy and Seth's new quilt and in the bottom he is on my new quilt. We don't let the dog on quilts. We can't keep the cats off.

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