Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I am a project finisher. There are very few projects that I have started and not finished.( Not counting the leisure suit I started for my ex-husband and decided it looked terrible and never finished.  He still hasn't forgiven me for that.). Sometimes I have two counted Cross stitch projects going at once. And sometimes I have two quilts going.  But something has happened to me! I have six unfinished projects(UFOs). I have two more of the flannel quilts that I showed on January 10, and the leaf quilt I showed on January 14. I have a sampler quilt I started years ago in a class.

I have a scrap quilt that I started after seeing a similar one on Quilty Folk.

 I also have a fan quilt that I like very much made from floral scraps.



Kitt said...

Those are all so pretty! I like the sampler, especially. Do you need one more block or two?

The scrappy quilt looks ready to put together. What's holding you back? :-)

(I've got at least 10 UFOs in my knitting bin. I've decided I'm a process knitter, not a product knitter. I like the process, but I don't really care about creating a finished product. It was kind of a triumph just to get that pussy hat done.)

Richard said...

I really wished I had a pussy hat in Washington. I wonder if I still made it whether I would have an opportunity to wear it.

I don't have enough blocks done yet on the scrappy quilt or any of them. I figure I need 20 blocks for the sampler quilt. I thought I would sash it in a gold print.

Peggy said...

That wasn't Richard. I didn't notice he had signed in.

Kitt said...

Ha! I will probably find more occasions to wear my hat. It's not good for daily wear because it doesn't fit well. Maybe I'll redo part of it.

Could you make the quilts smaller? Maybe a table runner or wall hanging? Or maybe you're committed to making them bed-size. :-)