Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Week In Brooklyn

Last week was mid winter break for the schools in New York City. I went to Brooklyn to help take care of Molly. I love doing it. She had just had her fifth birthday so I helped put together a scooter and the keyboard and built a motorized train with her.  We also went and got our nails done.(In NYC it costs $9 at home it is $16.) We had a fantastic dinner at Carmines in Times Square and lunch at Rocco Tacos in Brooklyn. We even went to a basketball game where my daughter was coach for the Police Athletic League.  Our team won. We also watched hours of Disney Junior.  Molly is a big fan of Owlet on PJ Masks.

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Mary said...

That is the coolest Owlette sweatshirt!!! Sofie's favorite PJ Mask is Cat Boy.