Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Arnold the Helper Cat

As I said earlier I am working on a cross stitch project that is done on 22 count cloth. My dentist is ordering magnifying glasses for me which snap on to my eyeglasses, but until they get here I am working under a magnifying glass to do the stitches. The directions take up 16 pages. I used the PC Stitch software and chose too many colors and I had trouble that the original drawing had shadows that I don't want in my needlework. After Christmas I will be able to explain more. At any rate I sit at a table in my craft room with 4 pages of directions taped together on one side of my magnifying glass stand while I work. Arnold then comes to help. The table is a little high for him to jump on but he likes to crawl up the back of my chair and over my shoulder to lie down in the middle of the directions. Yesterday as I worked he fell sound asleep, on my directions. I would lift up a paw or scoot him over every once in a while but that didn't disturb him at all. I also have the problem that he carries off any piece of floss that isn't tied down. Arnold is definitely MY cat and follows me where ever I go and stays with me all the while I sew.

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