Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dundee, Michigan

Last week Hubby and I went to Cabelas in Dundee, Michigan. What a fascinating place. It was huge! All along the ceiling they had trophy heads of dear and bison and whatever. They had a display of taxidermied lions attacking wildebeests and an elephant. In another area they had a mountain with mountain goats, deer moose, elk, coyotes, wolfs and other North American animals. They had a stream with otters, raccoons and muskrats. In the fishing section they had lots of different fishes mounted and then they had a huge aquarium of North American fish. They had another display of stuffed ducks. We will certainly take the grandchildren there when they visit. We also found out that there is a Russell Stover outlet on the same corner. After that it wasn't just the animals who were stuffed.

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