Sunday, November 9, 2008

2008 Christmas Tree

My mother would change her Christmas tree quite often but I have not. When I was first married I decorated the tree with wooden ornaments from the craft store that I had painted. Then as the children came I added gingerbread cookies and decorated sugar cookies. I had a little trouble with John licking the frosting off of the cookies and leaving the un-iced cookies hanging on the tree. I didn't worry about it until we got a mouse who ate the cookie and left the frosting hanging on the tree. Gradually the ornaments changed to children type ornaments which each kid would pick out at Christmas time and we added paper chains and popcorn strings. When I started to teach piano I made ornaments each year with all the new students names on them and of course students gave me all sorts of musical ornaments. After Hubby and I were married and I wasn't teaching any more I did my tree in red and green ornaments. This year I decided to do the tree in blue lights, silver chains and blue and white ornaments with origami airplanes on the tree. (Hubby really likes airplanes although he doesn't seem to be too enthused about this project). I got the origami book from the library and it has taken many tries to get something which looks like an airplane. Today with Martha's help we reinterpreted a step that made a real improvement.

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Zeek and I said...

I love this idea. Last year we made some origami ornaments, it was fun. :)