Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Cactus

Every summer I take all the houseplants which can possibly go outside,outside. The only things I leave indoors are the African Violets and the Snake plants. I have taken the violets outside to repot them and then left them outside but I wait until late summer when there is more shade. I always take my Christmas Cactus outside. I left some of them near the Impatiens and so now one of my cactus plants always has Impatiens blooming in it. Impatiens are what is called a tender perennial, like geranium, so they will bloom all year round without a frost. The special thing about putting my Christmas Cactus outside is that when I bring it in, it always goes into full bloom. I have learned in order to start a new cactus, you must break off some pieces and then let them harden a few days before you plant them.

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Anonymous said...

My god, how do you get so many blooms on your cactus? Is this from leaving it outside in the summer? Beautiful! (how often do I water it if it's outside? mine is 54 years old and blooms every three months but only 5 blooms at a time)